The swatching dilemma

So, this dilemma is one which faces every knitter at one point or another. To swatch or not to swatch? This particular dichotomy is one I never seem (seam;)) to quite shrug off. I mean, I know swatching is vital for a perfect fit, as well as an insurance against unwelcome surprises when washing and blocking. But how much is too much swatching? Do you buy more yarn to accommodate for that extra yardage your swatching will consume? Because that is a bit too ambitious for my wallet. Also, the guilt of not being a responsible, practical and well organised knitter is a heavy burden to bear when I see all the knitters out there swatching away and claiming they enjoy it(!). To me, swatching is boring and takes up time I could have spent on starting the project at hand. On the other hand, frogging and reknitting an ill fitting sweater is quite the time thief as well, and not what I would call my favourite pass time. How do you solve this problem?


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